Since its inception, Ervin Well Site Consultants has been consultant-owned and proudly based in the Permian Basin.


Why Ervin Well Site Consultants?

Our position as one of the oldest and most established firms in the region has given EWC unparalleled access to local talent with invaluable experience of all kinds. We’re fortunate to have an ever-growing network of professional consultants who have hands-on experience in every major oil and gas play across the US, the Gulf of Mexico, and many abroad.

We respect and believe in the old wisdom that it’s better to do one thing well than many different things poorly. And while some competitors have begun to place consultants in addition to providing their original primary services, we’ve been dedicated to our mission and purpose for over twenty years.

Benefits for Operator Clients:

At EWC, we work hard to provide clients with the best consultants in the industry. Some benefits of using Ervin Well Site Consultants include:

Benefits for Consultants:

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    At Ervin Well Site Consultants, we believe people are the most important thing — and we act like it!  Come see why we get to work with the best consultants in the industry.